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‘Moments’ Are Selling The Promise Of VR Right Now

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 11.10.38 AM When explaining some of the nuances of virtual reality to friends and family, they want to hear about the “games” or the “apps.” Yes, full experiences, or “titles” are an exciting part about any platform’s growth. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many full titles that are going to get people excited yet. Yes, there are some great games adapted… Read More

Intralist Is A Site For Everyone Who Just Can’t Get Enough Top Five Lists

intralist Lists! Everybody loves ’em, right? I mean, even if you pretend that you don’t, I’m guessing you find yourself furtively clicking on “top five” or “top 10” articles every once in a while. So what about a site that’s built entirely around lists? That’s Intralist, in a nutshell. Read More

Help TurboRoo & His 3D-Printed Pawsthetics Project

unnamed (5) Some of us, four-legged friends included, hit some bad luck once in a while. Some have it harder than others. A good friend of mine, TurboRoo, has an interesting story to share and a new campaign to help others in his situation. Turbo was brought into a vet in 2014 to give up for adoption. He was 4 weeks old and was born without his front legs. Luckily, he was adopted by the awesome Ashley… Read More

Slack Preps For IPO, Even If It Doesn’t Want Or Need One Soon

Slack IPO Image When Slack’s IPO window opens, it wants to be able to quickly spring into the public markets. Otherwise it could see sour conditions or botched IPOs by other tech companies shut the window before it rings the opening bell. That’s why Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says it’s already getting its ducks in a row so its poised to IPO when the time comes. Read More

Robinhood Gives Zero-Fee Stock Trading To Other Apps

Robinhood Feature What Stripe did for easy payments, Robinhood is doing for free stock trading. This week the brokerage startup launched its platform so developers can bake its zero-commission stock trading into their products. Stop for a second and think about how big a deal this is. Before now, there were two types of stock apps. Ones that actually let you make trades but charged you a fee of around $7,… Read More

Vine Lets You Swipe Left To Find Similar Vines, Launches On Apple Watch

similarvines Fresh on the heels of Snapchat announcing Story Explorer, Vine has today announced a new way to discover Vines following a similar theme. When browsing in a channel or through your own feed, simply swipe left on a Vine to see other content that is of a similar nature. In the example provided as part of Vine’s blog post, you can see Vines of Justin Bieber across multiple accounts, like… Read More

Snapchat Now Offers Extended Editions Of Live Story Moments

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.31.54 PM Today Snapchat has launched a new tool within Live Stories called Story Explorer, which gives users the ability to look at all of the snaps of a single, special moment. The idea is to let you see similar snaps from a single moment within a Live Story instead of seeing a string of different, unrelated moments tied to a larger theme. Think ‘Extended Cut’ vs ‘Editors’… Read More

Cajiib Sawirka Fanaanada Caanka Ah Ee Reer Lubnaan Haifa Wehbe Oo Galaaftay Nolasha Will...

Wiil yar oo dhalasho ahaan ka soo jeeda dalka Masar ayaa gaadhi xamuul ahi uu jiidhay ka dib markii uu socodkiisa kaga mashquulay daawashada fanaanada caanka ah ee reer Lubnaan Haifa Wehbe oo sawiradeeda...

Facebook At Work Gets Its Own Version Of Messenger With Debut of “Work Chat”

facebook-work Facebook at Work, the version of Facebook designed for chatting with colleagues on a private social network, now has its own chat client as well. Somewhat like Facebook at Work’s version of Messenger, the new “Work Chat” app, as it’s called, allows coworkers to message each other individually, participate in group chats, share photos and videos, make voice calls, and… Read More

U.K. Kids Increasingly Credulous Online, Finds Ofcom

teacher with children at computer While there has been high profile U.K. government backing for furnishing the nation’s youth with digital skills in recent years, including a requirement in the English national curriculum to start teaching coding to primary age children, new research from comms industry regulator Ofcom suggests a parallel push to teach kids to be much better critical thinkers in our… Read More

Quora Launches Troll-Free AMA “Writing Sessions”

shutterstock_191953943 The chaos of Reddit’s Ask Me Anythings doesn’t lend itself to the most thoughtful answers. They’re short, plagued by trolls, and people who care about the topic or person might not know an AMA is happening until it’s over. So today, Quora is bringing an air of civility to the crowdsourced question hour with the launch of “Writing Sessions”. They’ll… Read More

Facebook Debuts The Digital Breakup With New Tools For Former Flames

TwoPhones Breaking up is hard enough without having to see your ex’s newfound happiness flung in your face every time you log on to Facebook. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to unfriend or block your ex. There should be some middle ground. Today, Facebook says it will begin to experiment with new tools that will help people better manage these complicated relationships. The… Read More

Google Hangout Participants No Longer Need A Google Account For Work Meetings

hangoutsurveillance If you’re an avid user of Google Hangouts at work, then this update will make you happy. Google Apps for Work users were able to invite outside guests to video calls as of last year, but the team has upped the ante, making a Google account unnecessary to join in. Read More

Nuzzel Revamps Its Social News App And Raises $1.7M

Jonathan Abrams Social news aggregator Nuzzel is unveiling version 2.0 of its website and app — a version that CEO Jonathan Abrams described as “Nuzzel for Everyone.” Nuzzel previously worked by creating a feed of the most-shared stories from the people you follow on Twitter. You can still create that personalized news feed, but the service no longer requires a Twitter login. Instead, you… Read More

LiquidTalent Launches On-Demand Marketplace For Designers And Developers

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.02.32 AM LiquidTalent has today launched out of beta, offering companies a marketplace to find high-quality developer and designer talent on-demand both on the web and mobile. The company was founded by Alex Abelin, Google’s former public affairs manager, and Scott Annan under the premise that developers and designers (as well as the companies hiring them) want to work as freelancers with more… Read More

Tinder Owner Match Group Debuts On Nasdaq At $13.50/Share, Up 12.5%

tindermatch After a bizarre interview from one of its executives on the day of its IPO pricing, today Match Group, owner of the popular Tinder dating app, listed as a public company, spinning out from its parent IAC. The company yesterday raised $400 million with its IPO priced at $12 per share, and today it opened for trading as $MTCH at $13.50/share, a pop of 12.5%. The company’s $12 share… Read More

Phhhoto, With $1.5M In New Seed, Launches Group Gif Sharing

phhhoto Phhhoto, the photo-booth event company turned social app, has today announced a new group feature called Party. The new feature will allow users to share Phhhoto’s GIF-style moving photos as group messages, both privately among friends or through the larger Phhhoto community. The company has also announced the close of a $1.5 million seed round, led by Eniac Ventures, with support from… Read More

At least 35 reported dead, 100 hostages taken in Paris attacks


Daawo 52 Qof Oo Dunida Caan Ka Ah Oo Qaatay Diinta Islaamka

  Waxa aan caawa idin soo gudbinaynaa dad caan ah kuwaas oo fikir badan dabadeed iska badalay diintii hore ee ay haysteen ilaahayna ku hanuuniyey diinta Islaamka[youtube]

Daawo Xulka Sawiradii Loo Qoondeeyey In Lagu Xasuusto 02/11/2015

Waxaanu halkan idinku soo gudbinaynaa tiro sawiro ah oo shabakada The Telegraph u qoondaysay in lagu xasuusto maanta oo bishu ahayd 2/11/2015 taas oo insha allah si xidhiidh ah aanu idinku soo gudbin doono. Sawirkan...

Daawo : shabakda Hawraar oo bilawday Barnaamij suugaaneed Cusub oo la magac baxay Xulka...

Barnaamijkan oo noqon doona barnaamij todobaadle ah oo habeen kasta oo sabti ah aad kala socon doontaan shabakada Suugaanta ee Hawraar ayaa ah barnaamij lagu waraysan doono habeenba fanaan ama abwaan kamida fanaaniinta ugu...

Daawo Musicianka Caanka Ah Ee Cabdi Abiib (Cabdi Yare) Oo Soo Saaray Hees Cusub...

aaMusicianka Caanka Ah ee Cabdi Abiib ayaa soo saaray hees aad u macaan midhaheedana uu leeyahay MOHAMED SALEEBAAN MOHAMED TAKAR halka laxanka uu sameeyey CABDIMUDALIB CIISE SAALAX musica oo aad u macaana waxa tumay...

Waa Kuwama Sadexda Actor Ee Hindida Ugu Hantida Badan Kuna Jira 100 Actor Ee...

Sadexda Actoe ee ugu handida badan actorada dhiga film mada hindiga ee Bollywood ka kuwaas oo sidoo kale ku jira 100 actor ee ugu taajirsan aduunka waxaanay kala hiyiin,Shahrukh Khan,Karan Johar iyo Preity Zinta  

Daawo Live Ciyaarta Gobalka Togdheer VS Gobolka Xaysimo

Halkan ka daawo ciyaarta gobolka togdheer iyo gobolka xaysimo oo ka dhacaysa magalada burco [youtube]

Enrique Iglesias oo ku Guuleystay Abaalmarinta Latin American Music Awards oo markii ugu horeysay...

Bilawga abaalmarinta Musiga ee Latin America (Latin American Music Award) ayaa lagu boqrey Guuleystihii koowaad maalintii khamiistii waxaana ugu taageero batey Iglesias waxaana sidoo kale loo aqoonsadey heesta sanadka Nicky Jam waxaa loo dabaaldagayey qofka...

Somaliland Oo Kooxda Fanaaniinta Xidigaha Geeska Oo Bandhig Faneed Muqdisho U Tagay Xidhay

Qaarka mid ah kooxda fanaaniinta xidigaha geeska oo bandhigfaneed u tagay magaalada muqshido ayaa saaka markay kusoo noqdeen magaalada Hargaysa lagu xidhay Fanaaniintan oo kalia u tagay in ay bandhig bandhigfaneed ku soo dhigaan magaalada...

Daawo Hees Aywada Qaadayaan Labada Fanaan Ee Cumar Shooli Iyo Ahzaab Osmaan”Wax Dhintaad”

Labadan fanaan ayaa waxa ay kuda luuqaynanaa Heesta Wax Dhintaad heestan oo ah hees ay ugutalo galeen munaasibada ciida HALKAN HOOSE KA DAAWO VIDEO GA [youtube]

Actar Hollywood ah Oo Tobabar Siinaya Salman Khan

Salman Khan ayaa kadib filimkiisii guusha soo xareeyay waxaa uu soo wadaa haatan Filimka Lagdinta ah ee Sultan.Sida aad ka arkeyso Sawirka Salman Khan ayaa la jooga Aktarka Filimada Hollywoodka ee Larnell Stovall kaas...

Hanbalyo Aroos Wacan Maxamed Cabdikariin Iyo Muuna

Hanbalyo Aroos Wacam  Bahda Hawraar Media Production waxaanu hanbalyo u diraynaa Maxamed Cabdikariin Axmed Iyo Marwadiisa Muuna Oo Arooskoodu Ka Dhacay Habeenkii xalay Ahaa Wadanka Sweden arooskaas oo ahaa mid aan hore looga arag noociisa...

Daawo Liiska Atarishadaha Bollywood Ugu Quruxda Badnaa Oo Lasoo Saaray.

Waxa aynu kaga hadleynaa sheekadeenan Waa kuma hablaha ugu qurux badan ee soo maray Bollywoodka India. Atariishooyinka Hindida ayaa leh qaab muuqaal qurux badan oo sii jiita raga. Marka la yiraahdo qurux inaad wax ka ogaato...

Maxaad Kataqaan 100ka Qof ee Dunida Ugu Saamaynta Badan Dunidan Aynu Kunool Nahay.

The_100_Most_Infuential_Persons_in_History_by_Michael_H._Hart100 qof ee ugu saamaynta badan

Daawo Fanaanka Saadiq Sayga Oo Marlabaad Soosaaray Hees Anshaxa Baalmarsan

Fanaankan ayaa waxa uu hore u soo saaray hees aad uga cadhaysiisay dadwaynaha somalida marlabaad ayaa waxa uu ku celiyey in uu soosaaro isla Video gii hore oo kale oo ay la jilayso isla...

Dayax-Gacmeed 9 Sanadood ku Maqnaa Hawada oo Dhulka Ku Soo Laabtay.

Dayaxgameedka ay leedahay NASA oo ku dul wareegayay nidaamka qoraxda dunida muddo sagaal sano ah ayaa ku dhowaaday meeraha Pluto. Waa halka uu qorshaha yahay in dayaxgacmeedku uu ku soo gabagabeeyo safarkiisa uu ku...

Waxka Baro 10ka Qasri ee Dunida Ugu Qaalisan.

waxa uu leeyahay 10 qol oo kuwa jiifka ah, waxa kale oo qasrigani leeyahay barkad kuwa lagu dabaasho ah oo dhulka hoostiisa ah, gym, tiyaatar aflaamta lagu daawado, sauna, iyo qolka looyaqaan panic room,...

Daawo Hees Cajiib Ah (Shabadyey Cagaha Dhigo)Iskalaaji Erayadii Abwaan Xasan Dhuxul Laabsaalax

Heestan oo lamagac baxday shabadyey cagahadhigo ayaa waxaa curiyey Abwaanka,Gudoomiyaha xidigaha Abwaan Xasan Saleebaan Dhuxul (Laabsaalax),Music By Macalinka Axmedwali Ibraahim Furinle(Ciiltire) HALKAN HOOSE KA DAAWO VIDOE GA HEESTAN

Basbaaska Oo La Ogaaday In Ay Ku Duugan Yihiin Faa’iidooyin Badan

Daraasad dhawaan lasameeyey aayaa waxa lagu ogaaday in uu faa'iidooyin badan leeyey basbaaska cas ee kulul oo cuntadalagu darsadoDaraasadan ayaa lagu ogaaday in uu basbaasku qayb libaax ka qaato miisaan dhimida dadka buuran ee...

fanaanka Kanye West oo lagu ceebeeyey baar

Gabadha dharka xayeysiisa isla marka aheyd gacalisadii hore ee Kanye West oo lagu magacaabo Amber Rose. Amber ayaa club ay ku sugneyd laga shiday hees uu Kanye leeyahay kadibna isla markii intey makarfoonka qabsatay...

Khayrka iyo Barakada Bisha Shabcaan.

Waa xaqiiq shay kasta oo aynu xiiso u qabno inaan dedejisano inuu inoo yimaado ama aan gaadhno, ka soo qaad qofku marka uu qaadanayo shahaado intay doontaba ha le’ekaato shahaadadaasi derejedeeduye waxuu tirsadaa waqtiga...

Wadan Albaabada U Laabay In Ka Badan 80 Masaajid

Waxaa albaabada loolaabay 80 masaajid iyada oo lagu jiro bishii barakaysneed ee ramadaan ayaa Xukuumada wadanka Tunisa aya soo saartay go'aamo in ka mid yihiin in ay hawlgaliso ciidamada kaydka ah iyo in ay...

Cajiib!! Gabadh loo aqoonsaday qofka ugu wayn Philippine da’deeduna tahay 18 jir.

Gabadh u dhalatay dalka Filibiin (Philippine) oo 18 jir ah, ayaa muuqaal ahaan loo aqoonsaday gabadha ugu da’da weyn dalkeeda, sababtoo ah waxa ay muuqaal ahaan u eeg tahay qof 144 jir ah. Inantan yar...
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