benefits of applesApples are a complete diet on their own considering the fact that they contain all the rich antioxidants and fibers. The antioxidants help to assist in fighting hypertension, heart diseases, and sometimes even cancer. Removing toxins from your body is important for a healthy and disease free lifestyle, so instead of going for any detox diets, adding apples to your diet can solve the problem easily. Apple juice is also a healthy option. Some important benefits of apples are mentioned below.  

Better mental health

Studies have found that the antioxidants in apples are actually very helpful to reduce the death of cells that is caused by neuron inflammation and oxidation. This antioxidant is found in abundance in apples and is known as quercetin. Apple juice is tested to have increased the production of neurotransmitters in the brain which results in better memory and ultimately avoidance of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Strengthens Heart

Apples have been tested to lower heart disease rates. Apples are full of high fiber content which lower cholesterol levels. Studies conducted by researchers suggest that men and women, who are over 30 years of age and consumed more apples, had the lowest risk of a heart stroke due to better health of heart. Thus, apple is actually very beneficial to reduce strokes and strengthen heart.

Reduces Cholesterol

Apples are also labeled as the miracle fruit due to its cholesterol reducing properties It was researched through experimentation on women who ate apples every day, they had less amount of bad cholesterol  in the duration of 6 months.

Helps Diabetics

Apples have natural sugars that do not affect the diabetics but also provide them with their necessary intake. People, who consume apples regularly every couple of days, had a comparatively lower chance of diabetes than those who did not eat apples.

Weight loss efficient

Apples consist of very high amounts of water and fiber which makes them the ideal fruit for weight loss purposes. Due to their fiber proportions, people who consume apples before meal feel fuller than those who consume apple juice; thus resulting in eventually lesser calorie intake and weight loss. Apples are more filling due to their dense yet fiber packed structure so they are particularly filling if consumed in place of a snack or before a meal.

Reduce Cancer risk

Apples have been studied in terms of lowering risk of cancer. This was suggested based on a study of a woman who ate apples to lower death risk by cancer. Its anti-oxidizing properties and inflammatory effects can reduce cancer risk. One specific type of antioxidant in apples named procyanidins creates specific effects that resulted in cancer death.

Strengthens Bones

Adding fruits to your routine increases bone density resulting in bone strength. The anti-inflammatory compounds help to promote building of bone density. People who eat apples lose relatively less calcium from their bodies than people who don’t eat apples. It prevents their bones from becoming fragile.

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