Turmeric spice is attained from the turmeric plant. This spice is exceedingly common in Asian food and is used especially for curries. It has a specific soothing and slightly bitter taste that is used to enhance the flavor of a dish. Its signature yellow color is used to add color to mustards, butters, cheese etc. Turmeric is also widely used for production of medicines using the yellow colored substance called circumin in turmeric, which is also used to color cosmetics as well as food.

Medical Uses

Turmeric is used to treat many diseases and soothe pain. The list of diseases includes arthritis, headaches, skin irritation, menstrual health, cancer etc. It has also been studied that turmeric helps relieve depression and Alzheimer’s due to better neurological transmission which maintains a healthy brain. Some people apply turmeric for skin health too. It helps swelling, bruising, and even wounds which is why many medical skin creams include turmeric especially for burnt skin or skin inflammation.

Prevents Acne and Wrinkles

Turmeric has anti aging properties due to its natural compounds that lead to glowing and healthier skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces acne to grow on skin, and treats it ideally. Usually for this purpose, turmeric is used with rose water or milk and applied to skin as a mask. This mask also retains elasticity in skin and prevents appearance of wrinkles resulting in younger and fresh looking skin. Mixing turmeric with castor oil makes for a great skin detox. You can apply it on your face for acne.

Turmeric in Food

In food, you can opt for diverse ways to use turmeric and make it a part of your diet for healthier results. It is commonly already used as a flavor enhancer and color enhancer in foods. It is used not only in curries, but in different recipes of soups that add a special spice to it.
Other than that, for healthy and nutritious juicing you can add a little turmeric to your everyday dose of green juice or any organic juice to promote body and skin health.


In Manufacturing

The essential oil of turmeric is used in making of certain perfumes to give it a earthy and subtle scent. It resembles an earthy note that gives the soft and sweet scent of a perfume a certain strong and spicy touch. You can say that turmeric is used in perfumes the same way ginger is infused. The substance of circumin is responsible for the bright yellow color as well as antioxidants that are enriched in it. Steam distillation yields a specific oil named turmerol which creates the aroma and adds preservative characteristics to the perfumes.

Healthy Hair

Turmeric promotes hair growth and reduces the dandruff problems from your scalp. This is due to the circuminoids that are present in the turmeric which prevent hair loss resulting in healthier and voluminous hair. Make a mixture of turmeric and olive oil, use it on your scalp for better hair and moisturized scalp free of dandruff.

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